Reindeer games.

My friend Beth, whose blog “I didn’t have my glasses on…. A trip through life with fingers crossed and eternal optimism.” is always such a delight, posted “girl power.” today. “only female adult reindeer keep their antlers through December. that means santa’s reindeer are probably all girls.”

I replied, “Makes perfect sense to me…and how I wish and hope and pray (if that is part of the deal? praying?) that my local paper stops publishing photo ops of tiny kids with rifles hovering over deceased antlered deer…the sooner the better. Breaks my heart…usually across from church news, too? Okay, I’ll try to lighten up … it’s Christmastime!”

But, dear Jesus (or whomever you readers follow, praise, worship, deify) … help us mere mortals to know that the present matters. The hereafter is nice … but the present is when we can jump right in … in real time and care and spay and neuter … and stop piling up and eating other species.

All lives matter…how can we be so goofy as to pick and choose…all matter! Nothing sweeter than caring and doing something about the welfare of those currently making their way in this screwy world of ours! Hoping more and more humanoids get on board to revere all lives! PEACE!

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