I have found that it takes great courage to try to be kind.

I have been advocating for animals nearly all of my life…and within the past decade writing about my experiences and trying to change some hearts here and there.

I have found that it takes great courage to try to be kind.

I now have many scars and silver hair and a few bite marks from humans and animals. I am sure that caring about life itself and the well-being of all of us of whatever species is the only hope for a peaceful kingdom…sometimes, even lately.

I think and feel we may be inching forward toward respect for the sanctity of all life. But, wow, evolution can be a taxing proposition.

I need support and stimulation when my spirits get low.

I am now ancient, but current events via cable news keep me engaged and percolating. The world is so wild these days…to say the least.

Hunting is so wrong in any form…..one of the high school kids who walked away from school this week (to advocate for gun control — 3,000 schools participated across our country — inspirational) used that word…”hunting.”

I found her word choice totally appropriate.

Keep the faith forever!

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