Keyboard songs.

I would like my life back I think? Only got a used computer about 12 years ago…one from my brother-in-law when my privacy-minded older sister passed away. Not sure she would have approved of little sis playing with even one of her devices.

And then my son bought me two more over the years. And I thought the world needed to hear from me as I gained confidence to write more than one sentence. I may have saved some animals and learned to stand up for myself.

But, DAMN, I forgot how to organize stuff and to vacuum and to dust and to even CARE about such crap.

The world is just as messy as I am. People barking up the wrong trees and forgetting to really care about each other and the ANIMALS.

And remember I never travel. Roy did take me to the land of my roots a few years back (though, if I had it to do over, I would drastically modify some of our travel arrangements). Don and I go up to see Roy in cabaret performances in the Detroit-area and in all kinds of musicals … but back the same day.

I am just struggling to survive old age, a globe outta control, and the messy rooms I try to navigate in.

I would much rather play keyboard songs back here surrounded by stacks of books and papers. Sigh. But I’m gonna tackle stacks of LAUNDRY today … I think?

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