“We have met the enemy and he is us.” My world. As I see it.

I saw my motion light go on a couple of months ago and wondered if I needed to save a cat? I prowled around on the porch and came face to face with a huge opossum climbing into a pillowed porch chair. I left him/her alone!

I go nowhere ever? Ah, well!

Facebook is my main channel to keep apace with the world and its inhabitants. I am like the Shoe comic strip owl. I have an absolute mess of papers and furniture upside down and I go nowhere. I am an animal enthusiast and stay home with my pets and avoid humanity as often as possible. I used to play canasta and bridge until I didn’t – cannot find my cards or a tabletop! My son is my claim to any and all fame. I did something right.

Finally finished the third season of the TV series Fargo – strange and unsatisfactory final episode. And really enjoyed the Genius series about Einstein, but Albert reminded me of Harpo Marx. Einstein the womanizer? Really? I adored the book A Beautiful Mind but the film sucked. Same team put this Einstein series together – Brian Glazer and “Opie” (Ron Howard).

I live and breathe politics and watch MSNBC to the point that I actually need to stop my punditry addiction. The media I find pretty opinionated and misguided about half the time. One trait The Donald and I have in common…just one though!

I wanted that cute Georgia Democrat Ossoff to win. I am such a Dem…a Hillary Dem. This past election has me absolutely nuts. She got robbed. Hillary was dull and businesslike like my sisters, so I trusted her. Misogyny is alive and well. What a mis-step by us all. Whoops. I just got outwardly political!

The cookie-cutter GOP peeps – I cannot be converted. While my dad was from South Carolina, Nikki Haley is just “too too” for me, though her clenched bleached teeth are fascinating. I just am anti-Republican more and more. I detect an insincerity … and a self-interest demonstrated by whoever got on the band wagon.

My Southern parents adored Jimmy Carter who is a sweet soul. I am a Kennedy nut and a Reagan nut? How did GOP Reagan make it onto my list? Bedtime for Bonzo and King’s Row, and he and my dad may have been twins? And George Washington is somehow related to me? And I look like George…or Einstein…big puffy grey hair and due for wooden teeth!

Speaking of Facebook (and politics) – from somebody named “Ray” today … not bad …

As of today McConnell and his thieves have delayed the vote on his ridiculous plan. By all intents and purposes, it is not a health plan in the least. It is highway robbery of the middle to lower class population. The wealthy do not need any more breaks. The wealthy can afford to pay ‘whatever’ for health benefits. Yet, these ‘Sheriffs of Nottingham’ want more. It is high time Robin Hood and his merry men/women stand strong and declare enough is enough.

Furthermore, Indiana is not my kinda state these days. We are becoming factory farm fools with a “meat processing plants kingdom” mentality – a dwindling population on the horizon while a few “industrial” ag folks horde their wealth of blood money. Dead humans and over-bred animals pile up – these animals who can no longer breathe will be of no consequence.

Time to become civilized and to stop breeding animals to be slaughtered and eaten. Peace at last, and respect for ALL LIVES at last! No more wars at last! No more terrorism at last!

WE should eat the soybeans farmers currently produce for fattening animals, and we should leave the wheat fields alone in Third World countries so that children will no longer starve. We MUST stop rationalizing killing and profiteering and violence. We must NEVER vote for a candidate in bed with the NRA who claims to value the lives of the unborn! They are cookie-cutter charlatans. They are only out for themselves.

Praise the lord, anyway?

Such hypocrisy is terrorism at its worst. And the apathetic among us just purse their lips and say nothing? They are the worst of all.

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