Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg! Slapstick.

My lord…or LORDY…fun friends are the best. And I got ’em.

A sense of humor is paramount.

This world is absolutely slapstick-addled, and those of us who are smart enough to know that can breathe in and out and remember to laugh….a lot!

Thanks, social media friends. You are the best, and you are real people. And that is a grand accomplishment! Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for this concept after all!

AND I am an ancient warrior thinking my own wacky thoughts – like Kurt! Ha!

“Yes, and Eliza and I composed a precocious critique of the Constitution of the United States of America, too. We argued that it was a good scheme for misery as any, since its success in keeping the common people reasonably happy and proud depended on the strength of the people themselves – and yet it described no practical machinery which would tend to make the people, as opposed to their elected representatives, strong.” ― Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Slapstick, or Lonesome No More!

Hoping for a future generation that is neither misogynistic nor xenophobic nor carnivorous nor self-centered nor profit-oriented…is that possible? Where might the news coverage be on this score? The chance for a peaceful planet seems within our reach if we but realized humanity’s potential.

Playground games are fruitless and mercurial and devious and fickle and opportunistic and toadie and stunning and mostly pointless. Growing outta that mode is the nicest thing that can ever happen to anyone in the whole wide world. Usually…

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