Nomadland. A movie. A review. A life.

Wow, does this beautiful, dreary, metaphorical, meaningful film resonate for days and days after viewing carefully. Nomadland. Mesmerizing, sad, hopeful … no matter what age bracket / demographic crap you happen to be categorized within.

If you are very very fortunate, you will live at least until your 70s in this troubled yet fascinating earth world of ours – and you’ll be happy that this movie is still resonating in your heart and brain.

I have recorded memories for over a decade and received no pay nor many thank yous and it was taxing yet satisfying WORK. I am still recalling and remembering but need a staff and need some computer instruction.

Needy, needy still at this late date. We ALL need each other and understanding and kindness. Let us never forget. Have a nice day and do view this masterpiece starring wonderful Academy Award winner Frances McDormand! Bravo! You will thank me in the morning! Thank you, Roy, Edna, and Roy for a wonderful life.


I owe this daddy person, pictured above, a hell of a lot. This fun and sensible one of a kind bigger than life human being died too young at 74. I have recently passed THAT milestone after trying a couple of times to join him in heaven where he was badly needed.

I have learned how to breathe better from Paul Sorvino (via Dick Cavett Show) and how to back away from constant combat offered to me daily and have tried to comprehend why we cannot all get along and appreciate one another. (But eff that – I give up on that one!)

I am almost there without ingesting pills or imbibing alcohol which I never ever believed in for a second and still do not. Like this person, pictured above, I stopped hanging out with folks who did the party scene.

I am lucky to have inherited one quality from him…SPUNK. Oh, and a huge heart! You can see from this photo how fun he was…kind of like Lucille Ball or Andy Griffith. This was taken when he served as a director in the Indiana Manufacturer’s Association in the 1960s.

He was a transplanted Southerner and a very excellent Baptist who swung over to Lutheran and then to Methodist, after enduring a sad “building project” he headed up attempting to save an historic building before that noble effort even became fashionable.

Like his, my heart has also gotten broken by small town life, but those are the hazards of having a heart in the first place. Hoo-ray for SPUNK after all! Do not forget to be kind and to always care a lot about the underdogs quietly and consistently. A-men, Brother Ben! And do thank other humans once in awhile if they deserve it!

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