Happy New Year.

This nostalgic professionally photographed family picture boggles my mind.

What a serene looking group. Why did this attractive couple have one more kid? Me? Often told by a sibling, to avoid induction into World War II, BUT the war was over…sorta?

I, referred to as the “black sheep” later by a nephew, (who is almost my same age), appear so disheveled and clueless at age two or whatever? And the most hilarious fact is that is what I look like tonight some seven decades later…

No longer five feet nine inches but uncombed hair sticking out every which way but loose … studying some odd object in my goofy hands. Orthopedic shoes and untied sash.


Exiting just as I entered once upon a time! In front of the same exact fireplace. Lord have mercy!

My life story caught for posterity! Enjoy! Send help?



A friend (?) of my mother’s asked her when she saw this photo many years after the fact, “Edna, you had long hair once? Did your family still like you anyway?” Meow.

People. People who need people …

My niece Kathy reminded me upon viewing this photo just now on Facebook that my mother gave her some of my old books ….Nancy Drew?

When I was at college (to my dismay), my mother gave my life away. I loved my stuff. They wanted me to grow up! Fooled them.

Yep, those little books resembled stepping stones….kinda marble-ized…and the little rooms jazz made up of paper doll folders! What I would not give to have my movie star paper dolls back? Think they got burned in the alley? Mother would do that every so often with kid’s magazines and movie magazines in the incinerator…arghhhh.

Happy New Year.


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