Pig wrestling, anyone? No, we will opt out

In spite of reading three glowing articles in our local newspaper this week, so far, emphasizing the joys of pig wrestling, we decided not to wrestle pigs in the mud on July 16 in Whitley County no matter how fun and wholesome that event may be for spectators (children, too?)

Even though, evidently, conveniently provided hand sanitizer dispensers will prevent swine flu after the pursuit of one traumatized pig after the other, will the pigs wait patiently until the cleansing of human hands is over and then the grabbing and squeezing and chasing and guffawing and dumping of the pig onto a throne or into a trash receptacle can continue?

It seems that just staring face-to-face, one-on-one, not to mention four-on-one, is not wise either as far as the transmission of viruses. We wonder what the animals could catch from us wrestlers. Nightmares? Torso damage? Broken limbs? Aborted piglets?

Yep, we opt out — in every way. Doesn’t sound fun at all. Sounds abusive and cruel. Watch some videos to see if you agree. Google and weep.

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