We were meant to be the caretakers of all here on Earth

When Christie Brinkley turned the big 6-0 she opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about how she looks just as good as when she hit the modeling scene 40 years earlier.

“I haven’t touched a piece of meat since I read a graphic description of Chicago’s slaughterhouses when I was 12,” she told the mag. “Over the years I’ve gone through all the varying phases, but currently I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish or dairy…”

Now THAT’s an Uptown Girl !

Watch this very important trailer…we cannot help to end the madness and the sadness if we look away…very powerful piece…the quotations are very instructive. We can change this world for these innocent beings and we can start now. Click the title … CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak

On that point, my good pal Tari Joyce shared this with me, commenting “I know you of my friends would like to hear about this too! Shot with a cross-bow!! I’d fight back too!!! No reason for this, except to be cruel…I wonder about the hearts of some men.” Doe attacks man after being shot with arrow. GOOD FOR TARI…WE NEED LESS CHEERLEADERS FOR BALL CLUBS (NONE AT ALL ACTUALLY) and BILLIONS MORE FOR ANIMALS.

The deer need to form an army…I’ll enlist. That is the one army I could believe in…would be good for this earth and move us forward. Tired of the mass slaughters of innocent beings…it is absolute madness.

Any clueless and mean member of the undeveloped human species who engages in murder is contemptuous, not to mention unfathomably ignorant. Every damned one who shoots an arrow or a bullet!

Since the beginning of time. No rationalizations or justification for such egotistical stupidity! Shameful. Good for this deer. Who doesn’t get pissed when purposely hurt? Huh? C’mon. Aw, c’mon!

This poem, just written by wonderful Patty Hunter (view our television segment here), sums up these challenging and troubling issues for us and for our animal friends … thanks for this fabulous work, Patty!

No Animals Should Suffer From Abuse

Written by Patty Hunter

No animals should suffer from abuse.
They need food, shelter and love.
Why are humans neglecting them,
By hurting or killing them?

Why are humans abusing the wildlife
And, then, including their own race?
There is no compassion on the Earth of ours.
Where is the love that was once in our hearts?

This is indeed a fallen world, since the fall of man.
And all life is suffering and dying because of this.
Not only do the animals suffer
Humans also do evil to each other.

Let there be love again on this planet
And start caring for all life,
This including us fellowmen.
We were meant to be the caretakers of all here on Earth,
Not to destroy and endanger every species from birth.

May God help us all, in this physical plane
And bring back joy to us again.
Peace be with all Earthlings who listen,
To the crying of all life from within.

Earth was meant to be alive
Not make all life take a nosedive.

Poem copyrighted, Patty Hunter © January 5, 2015


Thanks for this feedback!

Don Sexton: “Super! How would you feel if some idiot walked up to you and for no reason shot you with his bow & arrow. I know everybody would be very, very, very angry. So – why the surprise when an animal turns around and says in animal speak ‘What the Hell??!!?!’”

Patty Hunter: “Many thanks! And with adding the pictures of animals to my poem … made it superb.. love ya. I, thoroughly, enjoyed our wee chat on my TV show, ‘Patty’s Page’.. many thanks for reposting this…”

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “I didn’t realize Christie Brinkley was one of us ‘crazy’ vegans! Good for her and for all of us that choose basic bottom line justice for all animals! I once walked right by Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel when they were still married. He was performing in Ann Arbor and they were staying at the Marriott at Plymouth Rd and 23 where I worked as a waitress at that time. She looked like any other female student…he had those bulgy eyes! LOL!”

Tari Joyce: “I’m Happy when I can find things that strengthen You, Susie, and all in supporting animal rights to live the life God meant for them!! The cause is very important, as some in mankind want to destroy the animal kingdom. I want my grandchildren to know someone fought for the rights of wildlife, undomesticated & pet animals…Everyone needs to wake up and understand the loss it will be if precious animals become extinct, just like others before them !!! Thanks for including me, Roy, It’s an honor !! ♥”

Terry Doran: “I sent your mom yesterday the deer getting revenge on the hunter story and I’m working on a column about it. Great blog for Patty’s poem. My fantasy is for animals to be a.) armed with awareness of human treachery b.) access to guns and how to shoot them.”

Ginger Haycox: “You’re more than welcome…it’s quite timely in fact!”

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