and pineapple is an appropriate welcoming sign

awww, what the hell? two statuses at once! it is very difficult to type while wearing mittens! (that was the first!)

and the second is that I finally made US some SUNSHINE PASTA SALAD, a recipe from 35 years ago…the last time I whipped that dish up was when I fulfilled my middle sister’s yearning for that treat when she was suffering from pancreatic cancer…

made it for her several times…she asked that I leave the pineapple OUT…but now I have resumed the inclusion of pineapple…

and pineapple is an appropriate welcoming sign from ages past…and hey, I am a welcoming sort!!!

“Hey, planet Earth? Get a grip! Only you humans can do that. Begin today.” ~ Surreal gods and goddesses, Incorporated


thanks for the feedback!

Don Sexton: “It is good to find your mittens – especially at -10 degrees. P.S. The salad was spectacular!!!!!”

Paul Hoofard: “LOL!”

Drex Morton: “An excellent writer always leaves you wanting something more… And now I want pineapple pasta salad…”

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