Zelig. Trust me…look at my scars! 2016.

“Mike Pence alone cannot save the Republican party????” Mike Pence and his ilk are exactly what is WRONG with the GOP! Oh, don’t even get me started. ZELIG!

How to be a GOP monster…

Zel·ig …


North American

noun: Zelig; plural noun: Zeligs

a person who is able to change their appearance, behavior, or attitudes, so as to be comfortable in any situation.

Way scarier than Trump (which is pretty damn scary). Way scarier as are they all. Trump may be the best of a terrible, TERRIBLE lot. That is how nothingy AND scary they all are – Paul Ryan included! Arghhhh.

As for “The Donald,” the secret…the key…the explanation? HE IS A BABY BOOMER. BABY BOOMERS ARE ALL THE SAME – not mentally ill…just typical Boomers. Is that clear? Especially MALE Boomers. I’m not complaining; just explaining sociology!

And I have lived it. These “guys” are everywhere…a kind of constant terrorism. Trust me…look at my scars!

I think I should have gotten my PhD in prognostication or sooth-saying. I swear Baby Boomers are self-loving and self-loathing and self-indulgent at the same time, which results in vacuousness or vacuity?

Reasonable = Hillary. That is all.

And, now, for a palate cleanser …

Courtesy of “The Bear Way” – Food pleaseee

Videos and real life moments like THIS? My idea of God. Yep. No matter how much rattling humans do about religion, THIS IS MY CONCEPT OF GOD, so do NOT overlook God in your human-ass vanity I always say. There is God right before our eyes. In the world around us. End of sermonizing! It starts with evolution. It starts with the animals from whom we are lucky enough to have evolved…or devolved. A-men forever

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