Retrospection can hurt like hell sometimes.

Wondering WHY during all of these jamborees of politicians flooding our TV screens…and jabberjawing media chatterbugs interrupting one another…that NOBODY mentions the importance of the animal kingdom. That is when true peace would start. That is when all violence could end. All LIFE matters. Humans are just another species…a species who should know better than to enslave and victimize animals for profit and pleasure and pomposity that knows no end.

Here I live in Mike Pence’s Indiana. We are not very good with animal welfare here. We reproduce farm animals like crazy and ship them off to be slaughtered and ingested…and then get ourselves to churches on time exiting SUVS dotting our crowded parking lots. Wonder if we shall be forgiven? (Signed: a Hoosier)

My hippie contemporaries in, say, 1968 were not only on something…more importantly they were ONTO something. Wish I had not been fearful of them in the sixties and had joined up with that probably very important movement. Peace…love…and flower power!

1968. That is the year I graduated from college…knowing nothing! That is the year I married…knowing nothing! That is the year I was still conforming to rules and regulations…what a schmuck I was…ha!

Retrospection can hurt like hell sometimes. I just wish I had known then what I know now – when I had no wrinkles and would have looked really great in a flowing caftan and with flowers in my un-grey hair!

Yet, HOPEFULNESS can be wonderful – a baby step and then another and another, leading to…heaven…ON EARTH!

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