#TryEmpathy … 2016

Hopefully, all humans – all voters – can be sympathetic and empathetic about the “physical condition” of other members of humanity. BTW who DOESN’T feel like fainting these days?!?

Seems like folks have forgotten how to relate, and the pundits might try shutting the hell up! Geesh! Feel better, Hillary. Your stamina is amazing!

Maybe campaign reform should include stopping the mania of tearing about from state to state and rally to rally ad infinitum. Totally ridiculous to deplete energy convincing people who should already be intelligent to vote for the best candidate.

I know that I wish to vent so much, and tell it like I think it is! I feel healthier when I do, but people are so anal retentive and guarded and stubborn and often contrary and self-serving that I could spit. (Funny, how pets help with that frustration; they are better than medicine!)

I am a mess…about 20 complaints I have…all over my little body (I quote Jonathan Winters). I am a cadaver. I am Tales from the Crypt, and my house is upside down and only my cats and dogs understand my a$$. They depend on me and know I exist, therefore I appreciate their keen judgment.

(The violence of this world starts in the oceans and on the continents and in the skies. No more slaughter ever. A new world can happen. Reverence for LIFE! Recognize the importance of all species! A message from our sponsors…)

Tired of “feeling” like this; only the election drama keeps me percolating.

I have known so many Donald Trumps – as in ALL BABY BOOMER “BOYS” I ever tried to talk to in my life. I want the lady to win so that ladies emerge as actual real people before I die. My only request!

And if any of YOU feel like fainting? Sit down, watch TV, take a nap, pet a dog, feed a cat, and remember we are all living creatures, poking about here on this big blue marble for only a brief spell and doing the best we can to make some itty bitty difference.


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