Signed: Ms. Lonelyhearts

Why do aging ex-marines wish to be my friends on Facebook? Do we have love of animals in common? Mutual Facebook pals? Nope.

These blokes are always “widowed” or “divorced,” so I may still have my charms when all is said and done? What fabulous news … I guess? Still a mystery.

And maybe the term is widower-ed? Perhaps a WAC or WAVE is/are interested in friendship? I have no idea, but I have a string of ’em! Total oddness. I do not count war as one of my interests or hobbies. I think they want to recruit me – like G.I. JANE – and I am way too fatigued! Pardon the pun.

Maybe the armed services retiree should at least have a pic of himself or herself with a dog or cat or pet cow? Then I might “bite” so to speak? Animal people are the best; fake animal people I ain’t so sure what their motivations might be? Ah, Facebook games! 😉

So, a word of advice, instead of making half-baked overtures in the Facebook “inbox”? Go help our animal friends – share, care, adopt, foster, donate. Think about something other than self. THAT is what some of us were put on earth to do.

No wonder I never paint my nails nor bleach nor dye my hair nor wear high heels … nor buy new houses … nor care about cars … nor travel. THIS is a thing lots of us do – thing one AND thing two: rescue. And give a damn. The only way to live. I swear by it! Sorry for boasting. Forgive me!

Ah, well? Anybody else face this dilemma…? Signed: Ms. Lonelyhearts

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