Stop the analysis, we want to get off!

Oh, my…wolves and mountain lions, and polar bears and sad elections…oh, my. Thanks for reading!

Shame on Indiana again. Even North Carolina started the long ride toward becoming sensible and civilized. Tarheels voted for their Democratic candidate for governor. That’s a start.

And Indiana’s “wildlife harvesting”… “amendment” was positioned over to left hand side of our Hoosier ballots mimicking directions for voting on those wack-ass monitors – as in push a multitude of rubber eraser-like buttons to the right and to the left.

Very cleverly confusing placement, and this horrid concept passed. And we made the NRA proud once again!

This ridiculous amendment idea should have been toward the conclusion of the ballot with “should this judge stay or go” and “should that judge stay or go?” Very deceptive, but then we are the very state that gave the world Mike Pence whom the Koch brothers adore and finance. Sh!t!

Obviously the peaceable kingdom, species besides ourselves, are the true losers in this fiasco, “rigged” election. And will any of us even take a second to mourn for THEM…or to protest? Absolutely convinced of it.

That election map changing like a kid’s video game was toooooooo incredible also. And THAT visual made me add the Russian hacking to the mix. This WAS a rigged election. Where is the outrage? Where are the committee hearings?

This is like an absolute nightmare, and folks voting against the “establishment”? Aw, c’mon. Republicans in every nook and cranny? That IS the establishment.

Stop the analysis…start the reversal. Open this up to close examination! Let us do so. Let us care about the environment and all lives. Yes, all lives matter, not only the human RACE! Hateful amendments are NEVER in order.

This just in…newsflash…guns brought onto planes in Indiana in record numbers. Again we must have an A+ rating with the NRA–well, praise the…Lord?

Oh, God…help us now in our hour of need! and Jesus, too….and Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is the pits.

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