I know we animal enthusiasts are the luckiest humans on this odd nutsoid planet

We love you, Rumpy 


and Junebug and Rumpy/Junebug’s mom Jen …

In response to Rumpydog’s When you’re told your dog is dying…

Rumpy has taught us all so much. I have grieved so many times in my life for 70 years. To have had animals and a few humans, who have been so fabulous in my life that I cry when they seem to have vanished, means the good times outweighed the bad?

And that I would go through the sadness at parting all over again? They were all worth my allegiance.


I have been privileged to live with two Rumpy types in my life, and they were both angels from another heaven somewhere. One had diabetes, and the other had epilepsy and recurring tumors between the shoulder blades – eight surgeries for removal of nine huge lumps over the years. In the same exact spot.


Recently, my darling dogs saved from homelessness and certain death (one of whom survived heartworm) were victims of Trifexis which the vet no longer carries and which I only administered when Sentinel was no longer produced after ten years. When I revisit their deaths, I die a little.


My kindred spirit cat died the day I gave him permission? Could not believe it. I truly believe they know we need them, and do not wish to abandon US? He died when I vacated the room.

When I remember that I did my best and that they returned my loyalty and love and appreciation for their existences and that we had fun most of the time, I know we animal enthusiasts are the luckiest humans on this odd nutsoid planet.


Thanks to Rob Kates for sharing the following …

We who choose to surround ourselves
with lives even more temporary than our
own, live within a fragile circle;
easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps,
we would still live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only
certain immortality, never fully
understanding the necessary plan.

― Irving Townsend


Thank you for this feedback …

Sue Nelson: “So true…”

Mary Maday: “I know that feeling all too well.”

Paul Clifford Schrade: “The worst and only bad things about loving an animal or a human is, when they’re gone, there’s an arrow that strikes you dead center in the heart !!! … And you can’t pull it out! My best and inseparable friend, now that others have grown beyond me, is a big, black Retriever Lab, and we are closer than a band-aid!”

Drex Morton: “Those who cherish their animals can appreciate the joy of their being and the deep sorrow of the too-soon goodbyes.”

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “And extending one’s enthusiasm for animals to include ALL animals then moves us to stop eating and otherwise exploiting them. Love to you, Susie!”

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “Susie is great every day of the year!”

Annie Gagnon: “I know, and I understand, Susie! Death is so difficult and heartbreaking – or friendships that were so close from back in school days or co-workers you became so close to and did family things together who then turn on you! I have had more of that than not! I’m not perfect, but, for the last 64 years, I, like you, have cried for long periods of time from people’s actions! It is such a difficult, painful thing to deal with!”

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