I am sensitive about animals suffering, but if we look away we cannot help.

Just now added a new friend to my life, and she got me to thinking as I messaged her and realized that this post applies to nearly my entire list of friends. So here goes…my love note to you all, and you know who you are! She is the best as are you folks!!!!!

And be sure to check out Evelyn’s wonderful new website People4Pigs here: http://www.people4pigs.com/

She explains, “The intention of this site is to promote awareness, respect, compassion, and protection for these precious beings who, while one of the most intelligent species on the planet, are also one of the most abused.”


Again I am recommending SPECIESISM THE MOVIE. [Click here for my earlier entry on this film.] The film may seem like slow-going, BUT I realized that I am a pig person when I watched. It is a pretty cerebral film with very little graphic stuff. I am a sissy about animals suffering, but if we look away we cannot help.

One of the out-takes features a professor, I believe, sitting in a lawn chair stating with tears in his eyes that one must visualize a totem pole in the mind’s eye, and one animal will appear on the very top and that is YOUR calling. That animal is the one that you will go the mat for (my only reference to wrestling you’ll notice).

…And guess what? Me, a dog and cat nut and a horse admirer and a deer saver? The pig was at the top of that totem pole for me!

BLESS YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE TO HELP THE PIGS AND SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS! You are humans at the top of my totem pole and hoo-ray for our friendship.

Friends of animals are always and ever friends of mine…we have known each other all of our lives!!! Doesn’t it seem that way when we discover an earnest and enthusiastic and brilliant animal enthusiast????

Thanks for this feedback!

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “Thank YOU, Susie and your family, who brought the pig wrestling issue to the spotlight for all of us to take action on as best we could and to respond and voice our horror on the subject to the proper people!! Big Hugs!! ((hugs))”

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