Centuries of yesterdays have come and gone

Click here for little Magoa who desperately needs a rescuer.

What a doll. The folks who kill these precious souls hopefully toss and turn at night. This is America; we are not Romania nor Russia. NOKILL should be the immediate plan on which we are all working…and yesterday!!!!!!

And how about Frida here – please click share and help find a forever home for these sweet kids.

Aw, c’mon! How can anybody NOT share FRIDA? Join those of us who share. Better than anything is the very real possibility that lives get saved and that humans stop for a second and care…and share.

It works…it really does. The key that unlocks a restless world and reminds us of love and respect for all life.


All of us in a civilized society sharing ideas for preserving lives – no politicization where the sanctity of life is concerned. Enough time has passed. Today is the day…since centuries of yesterdays have come and gone.

All species matter. The human heart has room for all of us already here and looking for kindness and support and a helping hand!

Welcome to the 21st century and to evolution of the minds we were blessed with and now must begin to employ!

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “I totally agree that the No Kill model for shelters is the only way to go. I cannot believe there are people who argue against this idea and make tons of excuses for why it can’t possible happen. Thanks for getting the word out there, Susie!”



This just in! Charlie White discusses the need to abolish pig wrestling in Indiana on his eponymous show on the Indiana Talks radio network. You can listen here: http://indianatalks.com/site/2015/06/…

“Are liberals the only folks angry at Gov. Mike Pence (#PamperedPence)? Is Gov. Pence acting like a crybaby in his latest fundraising email? After Indiana’s image took a beating over RFRA, did the PR firm Pence hired using $2 Million of taxpayers money suggest it was wise to introduce pig wrestling as public entertainment?”

Working ourselves to death to stop these events will be worth it because so many folks revealing they have disapproved and are delighted that an effort is being made to stop such unfitting competition.

(So sorry to learn of some kind of Hoosier bacon lottery misguided contest. When cards are scratched, the scent of bacon happens, and the prize sponsored by the 3,000 sponsoring hog farmers is 20 years supply of bacon? How did such an odd concept pop up right now? And the happy little pig drawing makes no sense at all. Our local Ft. Wayne news channel announced the scratch off event on Wednesday evening. Is this a knee-jerk reaction to the public’s growing empathy for animals involved in unfair contests only for entertainment for humans? The timing is so “INDIANA” – at least those various folks who stubbornly remain insular and ingrown and anti-progress.)

The photos themselves of these pig wrestling events break a kind person’s heart. And why is the word “pig” burdened with such a negative connotation when they are such bright, special, intelligent souls?

Our community endured a rodeo four years ago too, and a letter to the editor from a distraught parent whose child became quite upset while watching a calf get injured and dragged off a field and tossed into a pick-up accomplished that there would be no more rodeos. But the pig wrestling continues…so very sad.

Well, Charlie White is one super person! What a terrific Hoosier…enjoyed listening immensely. Wish I could use as my banner that “WELCOME TO MIKE PENCE’S INDIANA” (see link to broadcast above) which is an understatement as of late – so many petty and mean-spirited failures, patched up hardly at all with 2 million bucks of taxpayer’s money. I don’t want my tax money to go to any fairgrounds which feature wrestling with any animal whatsoever.

And the pig’s face is so very sad that it would be difficult to look at every day, and the large man with the shaved head holding the neck of the frightened, puzzled pig in the stranglehold is not my kind of fellow. He looks to be more immense than the animal and not as bright or alert, and there are 3 other men as well. One of those pictures so many of us have seen enough of — “fight or flight” theory holds that pigs do not fight…and wish to run away from the bullying and the ganging up but are imprisoned in a pen and cannot do so.

It is very moving to listen to Charlie as he speaks of the need for this competition to be cancelled across Indiana and preferably by Pence now. Great idea. Would be the mark of a gentleman…of a leader. Evidently none of those kinds of people available at the Statehouse these days. Thanks, Charlie White…

We have, however, been terrifically impressed by the state-wide support for several important causes within the past two months and the cooperative spirit so evident in so many – an improved Indiana may be on the horizon. Many very wonderful Hoosiers AND those people from outside the state who support kindness and inclusion and accountability and who see no boundaries for such positive behavior – countless people are actively pursuing and promoting the correct course, the only course.

That has done my heart good. Individuals coming together – and with a gentle persistence reversing the damage which has been done by those who are only looking out for themselves and their own personal gain. Far more good-hearted activists and doers than those who manipulate the system for personal gain.

Interesting to begin to know who the self-serving are in fact, but absolutely heart-warming to meet and get to know citizens who care enough to stand up and be counted as we all work toward a common goal – peace and compassion and moving forward together, leaving arguments and dissension far behind us.

Thanks to those who think deeply about very important issues that affect us all. That’s what makes the world continue to go ’round as it should do…oh, yeah!!!!!!

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