Thoughts on … The Story About a Jeep, a Boat and a Helicopter

Knowing I am not totally alone, I guess, I think often of my parents and what they would think and what they would do in the cirumstances I and everybody else seem to be enmeshed in and I need them so.

Then I recall this story which they adored, and I found it via facebook, a spot I have spent too much of my lifetime loving. Kindred souls renew my tired and wounded spirit.

I love conversation and communication.

I love thinking. (I have poured out thoughts via writing.)

I am currently starving on those fronts…so here is the story they quoted often as did my middle sister and my sweet brother-in-law (who saved me and my son one dark week-end when I was so very frightened nearly a half century ago).

Click here for the The Story About a Jeep, a Boat and a Helicopter

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