A modest proposal: northeast Indiana Covid edition

With business as usual in the GOP Hoosier state, 4-H fairs and beauty pageants are still scheduled, and the number of Covid-19 (now Covid-20) infections and death rates rise. Combining national news with global pandemic information and a now single weekly issue of local newspapers, surprising information awaits to be read and watched and listened to when available?

(However near-by, next door Ft. Wayne cancelled fall festivals and its street fair this particularly perilous season. Good for them.)

Wishing I had not read the front page before trying to get some sleep. Might we have voted on these events or could responsible non-political leadership have intervened?

Indiana seemed intelligent for awhile during the past few months when caution was exercised. Uh-oh. Have our individual efforts and diligence over the past half year been wasted and now ignored?

And a severe heat wave is on its way according to coverage of current events. Wish all of us could exercise our right to speak up ahead of choices others make for us.

P.S. my son Roy Sexton responded on Facebook, where the above sentiments were originally posted:

“Beautifully expressed by my mom – this collision of commerce and public safety, self-interest and common sense, lack of oversight and individual accountability has made an absolute mess of everything, and, if one of the desires was to reignite consumer confidence, this ain’t the way to do it IMHO. I don’t think the ‘economic engines’ will light up like (some) people believe. We are instead protracting our long term pain through short term selfishness.”

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