Old Friends … Glad I reached out! I can breathe a little today. I can!

Totally convinced that in order NOT to jump outta a 22nd floor window in order to end it all and to fly away, that confiding in someone is a great idea…what a tonic! That way, brick-wall judgmental folks who do never admit that life sucks don’t say after the fact. “WHY didn’t she or he or it say something? tsk tsk tsk?”

Glad I reached out! I can breathe a little today. I can!

Thank God for those who give a damn and offer an understanding heart and the ability to listen for a bit! At this advanced age and whatever age, we all deserve that, no doubt. I do miss my parents right about now though–before they aged and became disillusioned with old friends and so forth.

Try to be there for human beings…we can all be fragile. And find someone who understands how important listening can truly be! I did…finally.

Thank you, friends …

Judy Kramer: “I hear you, Susie. There are days. Sometimes life throws so much at you.”

Joy Gilraine: “It does matter. So much. I’m glad you found someone.”

Colleen Hornidge: “I’m here for you too, Susie….I adore you can call me anytime. I’ll private message u my number ♡♡♡ Always here for you. I will never forget your kindness…never!♡”

B Anne Giles Watson: “I’m not close, but I’m here… we’ve sure chatted and laughed at times! So glad you’re ‘grounded’ now! Your heart is good…the World would sure miss you!”

Pam Wong: “We belong to each other…sending compassionate hugs and unending belief in you!”

Annie Gagnon: “Sometimes folks need to be heard, and listened to; no words or advice; just let it rip.”

Laurie LaRue Bills: “Susie…..You are SO loved and admired by so many!! You are one of the most special to me, that I have been fortunate enough to have you as my friend. Love and hugs!”

Nondus Carr: “You are a joy sweet, Susie! I enjoyed reading your book I purchased at Memory Lane when they were open. Remember when my son owned the music store with bird houses in window and the bat?? Few years ago. Keep on keeping on my dear.”

Paul Clifford Schrade: “A lot of truth in Susie’s words … consider !”

Alison Filpatrick: “You are very loved, Ms. Susie. Always here to lend an ear. Hey, that rhymed. Feels so nice to be HEARD, doesn’t it? xoxoxox”

Becky Felix: “Thanks for your reminder to listen and care. Glad you found someone to be there for you. These are very troubling times for many people and having a supportive network is so important.”

Rita Warren Robinson: “I hope that you have a better day today, and it does get a little crazy when we get older and we need an ear to listen.”

Roy Sexton: “You call me any time. You’ve been there for me and given me glorious advice and known just how to soothe my soul when life has me so damn rattled. The least I can do is repay you that kindness a thousand times over. Love you.”


One fine day, folks will stop digging in their heels, and the other half of the human race will be considered human beings who matter. The militancy lies in those who oppose inclusion and not the other way around. “feminism” is a gentle word….Ibsen disowned it, but his words led to its importance and its progression into our thinking patterns. God bless, Henrik! Females (what a word?) are people, too–we could not live without us (them)! Guess I’ll wink now? Damn? 😉 Time is up! Be sweet or be gone…respect us just a little, and before long it might not even hurt so much! Geesh. #imwithher #feminism

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