Marriage dinosaur?

Didn’t the Apostle Paul, a bachelor, originate the universal concept of the sanctity of marriage for, quite simply, economic purposes and crowd control? That’s what anchor and commentator Peter Jennings reported several years ago, when he explained, via a bold telecast, the human need for a Messiah and hyped St. Paul ‘s role as the self-designated publicist promoting the Jesus story far and wide.

Paul gambled that the fantastic, “special effects” ending, i.e. the resurrection, would hold huge, mass audience appeal. There were oodles of Messianic wannabes during those years. That martyred epistle writer chose the “away in a manger” version.

Sure, the Old Testament touts the highly improbable, though charming, “Noah and the ark” tale — reproduction and its benefits as well as early efforts at environmentally conscious “let’s fight extinction” operating within that fable. “All God’s Chillun” have been manipulated since the advent of word of mouth, which escalated into print and then onto airwaves (kinda retro smoke signals) and finally degenerated into texting and blogging.

The institution (establishment) of marriage exists as a dinosaur eaten alive by “shacking up,” premarital, extramarital, rampant adultery and divorce. C’mon now! One man and one woman? Strike a pose! How quaint and too often convenient! What world do we inhabit? There’s a “sucker born every minute,” right?

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