1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

[Written during 2008 Democratic Primary]

Congratulations to those who may finally grudgingly acknowledge the pathetic duplicity of candidate/politician Barack Obama.

I supported his candidacy for nearly three weeks in the early autumn, not that his performance even then took precedence over Hillary Rodham Clinton’s consistent mastery of all of the debates.

Disenchantment truly set in after witnessing his occasional snideness toward both Clintons , disavowal of his once sought-after minister, waffling over that it’s more patriotic not to wear a flag pin, and, tellingly, the youthful candidate’s confusing smugness and dismissiveness regarding clinging “to guns or religion.”

Actually, a plethora of his hippie-like, ’60s generation stances wowed me once, but now Obama prefers to be regarded as a good guy and steps away from what generated his initial notice and resultant genuine popularity. Yet, the odd breathless momentum continues – cheers and adulation for a hollow man.

Yep, Senator Obama reverted into just another pandering politician whose wife frequently makes much more sense than he does. However, that poor soul, Michelle Obama, may only emerge as just another first lady whose every move and cogent thought will assuredly be demeaned and vilified by her husband’s over-adoring, star-struck media.

The possibility of the Clintons ’ return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. might deserve a thoughtful second look.

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