An Op-Ed Rhyming Essay and Collection of Scattered Random Thoughts, Questions, & Current Events for Our Time

“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.” ~ David Brinkley

Tweeting a bloggy podcast thingie now, and my muted show follows for all the boys and girls and all the ships at sea:

Questions bombard my cranium deeply within the fissures and lobes creasing my cerebrum and cerebellum.  Gee?


Did the late, great Toni Morrison call herself a “womanist”, or might that have been author Alice Walker instead?

Kamala Harris reveals pharma-pirates earn tax deductions for redundant ads which warn, “Pop pills, or wake up dead”?


“Are there possibilities for a contagion of courage to emerge,” asks Representative Adam Schiff.

“Or might we be infected with a contagion of cowardice?”  Did tears well in his eyes?  Did he maybe sniff?


Why do I no longer submit letters to ev’ry editor as the newspaper industry evaporates?

How dare I feel exculpated to witness our “three branches” wobble all about as the government dissipates?


May I chuckle as former Republican Rick Wilson cautions GOP legislators to get wise?  Change tunes?

“Their dwindling throngs of voters are Whiter than David Duke’s robe closet” and “times, times they are a changing“, clueless goons?


How about Cory Booker speaking at Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church, and why will I be there?

As I also do with the Castro twins, I have complete faith in all three of them and follow them everywhere?


Withering away, I love to sit still and avoid staircases except for the one which led to my Chessie cat

…I should have named “Bob Mueller” due to his wise, gentlemanly demeanor. Basement prowler for18 years!  “Where’s he at?”

Special proseCATor, guardian angel to fostered feline parades navigating caned-seat chairs, disappeared?

Facebooked! Bought lost/ found ads! Posted all over town! “Cat ladies” reported multi-sightings! I discovered what I feared?

Coca-Cola case filled to the brim with aging PEOPLE magazines provided a book shelved casket–with a lump–

Cradling my well-preserved, deceased and resting-in-peace furry friend atop a cover featuring THE DONALD Trump!


How does a senior citizen endure countless hours watching debates with 10 candidates per round?  Love what I’ve seen!

Senate hearings, congressional sessions gaveled in and out – by fellows named Nadler or Cummings…or Nancy the queen!

So many questions and such a little time as we all spin toward oblivion or a smart resolution?

Is it just me, or maybe it’s time to update and refresh the loop-holey, time-warped, amendable constitution?


Guns are nuts!   Ask any deermockingbird, squirrel, bunnysoldier, feral pig or–shopping, churchy citizen?  Boo!

Video games or mental illnesses (whether bi-polar, dementia, or depression) have been fabricated by humans with little to do.

Don’t Worry.  Be Happy.”  Putin rules his roost and poisons foes; Kim Jung-un lobs right and left dystopian rockets.

American Wayne LaPierre flaunts his fancy French name and his oligarch suits, yearns for a six million dollar mansion, and lines his pockets.


NRA, CNN, MSNBC, and WPA, the Fox Network, Sevareid, Huntley, Brinkley, Tucker and Gretchen Carlson, Hannity and Colmes…

Did not start the fire, Billy Joel!  Isn’t “The Loudest Voice in the Room” still Walter CronkiteBarnum, OR Sherlock Holmes?

Or Rupert Murdoch, dear Russell CroweRoger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, MadonnaTaylor Swift, David Letterman, or God?

Or Sherrod Brown, Connie SchultzDon Lemon, Chris Cuomo, “Moscow Mitch“, Quentin Tarantino, or Wynken, Blynken and Nod?


FDR assured us that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself“; Dr. Strangelove promoted “how to stop worrying and love the bomb.”

Adherence to their advice twice daily plus hydrating religiously will reduce damaging stress levels and guarantee blessed calm?

John 13: 34-35 suggests a positive, easily accomplished directive remarkable for its simplicity: “Love one another.”

There’s no place like home“, though, for three siblings (not always in love with one another) to hear John’s admonition hourly from… none other than…Mother!!


The former Governor of New York Mario Cuomo once said, “You campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose.” 


“Proud of my physical resemblance to Robert Mueller…means I have earned my stripes I bet! And served my country well!” ~ Susie Duncan Sexton (either an instagram or a meme borrowed from my facebook adventuring?)


 “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”  ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


“Haha! THE WORLD is crazy. This is a piquant reflection.” ~Roy Sexton  (piquant definition?  provocative and lively and ZINGY!) 

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