… A Life in MEMES

I now think in memes. Computer life has completely overtaken my brain in our new Orwellian culture. What’s a meme you ask? According to Wikipedia (does anyone own … or edit … REAL encyclopedias anymore?!?): “A meme (/ m iː m / MEEM) is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture—often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme.” So on with my greatest hits from 2019 – a year in review via MEMES!


·         Thank the good lord for MEMES!  Shorter and more diplomatic than rants and easy to digest!  So says the family dog!


·         Been the “old type writer” & a Facebook addict for over a decade! Such a joy, but I do kinda want my original life back.


·         Docs prescribe drugs galore. How soon before TV ads alert the “beloved’s” survivors about litigation opportunities?


·         I’m frightened the Donald Trump Show will be renewed for another season.


 ·         New York Times: “Harris regained her first-debate shine” USA Today: “Winner: Kamala Harris”


·         Lordy, do not drink and drive…better yet? Stop driving all over the place! Stop  drinking! Just get high on life?


·         “The computer industry has long operated on fear. Not unlike the White House.” ~ Sage advice from Roy Sexton


·         Would compose a memorial tribute to my DISNEY-ESQUE cat, but she defies description. Words are insufficient…



·         ALERT: I continually “HIDE THE SIDEBAR!”


·         Only so many “characters” allowed for a meme? “Brevity is the soul of wit?” That’s only half right!


·         Dr. Fiona Hill resembles the Statue of Liberty…struck by her determined demeanor, naturalness, eloquence, strength. Wow!


·         Maybe human voices should not DRIP stereotypical thinking?  Cuz all of we humans are pretty much the same, so let’s quit judging.


·         As an American, start following current events….uncanny stuff out there on which we should certainly get a grip!


·         Wishing to locate a youth serum ala Ponce DeLeon, but I am allergic to the drug/alcohol/quick fix culture!


·         Life is endurable in the long run if one maintains a sense of humor at all times…ev’ry ev’ry second.


·         So, I am face to face with my “honors” thesis written in my pajamas long into the night nearly 60 years past.  Me & Henrik Ibsen!


·         Is there such a thing as Trump Russian Nesting Dolls?  If not, I gotta get to whittling!  COPYRIGHT (my idea first, Mark Z.!)


·         Prayer outloud: Baby Jesus, protect my kid, allow my cat into heaven, and help me find the key to enlighten one lost soul. A-men.


·         Disney cat died, dental appointment, Roto-rooter visited–“mad as hell” like Peter Finch–then Roy & Krisan happened!


·         First kneecap destroyed breaking up dog fight; other knee cap obliterated playing basketball at Notre Dame! Still I walk unaided.


·         For president, age group pool should be early 50s or late 40s!  Conan, Russell Crowe, Joaquin, niece Kelly or Roy and John!


·         Digging BETO now that he left the idiotic race? Wish he would have said “Eff you all!” Want him back! Finally reminded me of RFK!


·         So, uh, as to podcasts and linked in, is it allowed to not give a fig about either contrivance or is that politically incorrect?


·         Anybody else allergic to smart alecs?  We should form a club!  They can cause medical conditions!


·         Now, let’s make a perfect movie starring Joaquin Phoenix & Kirsten Dunst who just played the same roles: Krystal & Joker!


·         RIP?  How about LIP?  Live in Peace in real time.  Love one another and…Listen.


·         “Wherever you are — be all there.” ~ Jim Elliott (I knew another  fellow named Jim Elliott once upon a time!)


·         “Not engaging in ignorance is wisdom.” ~ Bodhidharma (whoever that is?)


·         So, Trump  has not resigned yet?  How much time does he need?  So the naughtiness continues forever?  How about a spanking?


·         There is a god and his name is MOTHER NATURE! And you cannot fool MOTHER NATURE!


·         Inquiring minds want to know!  Is there such a thing as a rheumatologist anymore?  Arthritis DOES exist.


·         Wonder if any a-hole EVER suggested to GLORIA STEINEM that SHE get back into the kitchen and talk to HERSELF?  Hmmm.


·         Damn!  If those “humans” (?) inhabiting Washington would cease their bumper car mentality, we could all calm down?




·         “GATHER YE ROSEBUDS WHILE YE MAY” OR SH*T OUTTA LUCK SOME FAR OUT DAY!  Live for the moment, dear hearts!


·         Got my new tall toilet!  Now all I require?  Terry Bradshaw walk-in-tub, a fainting couch…and world-wide peace!


·         Does anyone else out there nearly faint every day?  I know, I know, a million ailments involve light-headedness.  But geesh?


·         Michelle Williams received an Emmy and gave a speech gone viral. All I need is a new toilet from this century ASAP. Duh?


·         One CAN be a positive thinker AND a realist simultaneously!   Three cheers and bravo for AL GORE!   Should have been president!


·         Still in need of a staff…some tranquilizers…and smelling salts. AND to be taken seriously at last!

·         Oh, menopausal celebrity ladies, please stop the photo op bikini competition in this evolving society?  Doesn’t make sense.


·         Loving Cory and Kamala like their moms would..as excited to see them as I was JFK and Jackie– or Bobby! Magic!


·         Such a glorious new football field in the offing?  But thought we already had one?  How much does the new one cost?  HIKE!


·         We are all mammals, yet some are called animals who by the way are far more forthcoming, Yet, we eat them.


·         Certainly can get lonely hailing from another planet.


·         If I were somebody else besides who I very definitely am, I would love being my friend on facebook. Seriously! Vain?  NOT!


·         “I applaud your approach to health, cable television, and small-town America”  ~ signed God Himself?


·         High, ho! Pretty sure i caught POTS, an actual wonky disease.  Furthermore, I know whom and what to blame?


·         Anybody out there who wakes up apprehensive and anxious before greeting each day? Tra la?  A sign of the times no doubt?




·         I certainly must be part Italian; then why do I not resemble Gina Lollobrigida?


·         “Can’t get organized until I see what I have, but can’t see what I have, until I get organized. So frustrating!” ~ Kelly


·         Hot damn.  I do love Cory Booker!  No contest!   President Cory is the very best bet!


·         When Facebook reminds me too much of high school, I am outta here!


·         Speak up!  Speak out!  Do good!  Only way to roll.  Heart attacks then evaporate!


·         Are we in a democracy?  Tried to post spunky Taylor Swift and got disconnected from Facebookland? Seriously?


·         Is Life just a huge lingerie sale and some climbers seem to acquire ALL of the underwear?  (especially Victoria’s Secret brand?)


·         Hot damn!  Fun to “click” with someone now and again!


·         Why oh why does the sidebar refuse to die?  Why does it happen?  What makes it go away?


·         I now have a friend in Canada!  And I love her!  Across the miles.  Facebook sometimes yields results!


·         So, why don’t I live at the beach?  I have always been a very good girl!


·         Cautionary note:  Old husbands become their mothers, aka your mother-in-law returns.  Shout out to Norman Bates!


·         Dear Mom and Dad, what were you thinking?  I know you’re up there and tried to warn me once. Well, come back down here?


·         A PRAYER! Dear Jesus Christ! I require a staff and not just for herding sheep.  Send help?


·         Why has existence on this planet turned into a Quentin Tarantino movie?  or a Coen Brothers’ film?


·         A better world could actually happen…EMPATHY replaces piracy and greed!  Another suggestion?   Snarky arrogance dies a natural death!  Intelligent communication awaits but time is of the essence!  Let’s get going! GOD BLESS THE ANIMALS… globe can be saved IF we start there!


·         I was once a quasi-joyful and organized human being.  I want those two attributes back.  Assistance, please?  Anybody there?


·         CHIP on the finale of BASKETS threw away his cell phone on the very day I threw away my worthless skinny phonebook!


·         “Casual cruelty” passing for wit?  That is a divine way to describe what smart alecks practice. Borrowed the term from a genius!


·         Commercials?  They seem to stoke fear, greed, vanity, “keeping up with the Jones’s”, and neuroses and should stop all of that!


·         I love Bill De Blasio…is that so wrong?


·         And Kamala stated that the barrage of pill-popping ads means some drug king somewhere receives a tax deduction every damned time each of those asinine commercials is telecast…every time!


·         I must be allergic, pharma-pirates!  OR climate change has me by the butt?  OR factory farm sludge in the soil and air will kill us all!  (Mammals should NOT eat other mammals for starters!)


·         Proud of my physical resemblance to Robert Mueller…means I have earned my stripes I bet!  And served my country well!


·         ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA? becomes ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD?  Same difference?


·         Hey, just maybe Cory won the debate last night.  I hope so.  Poise and a sense of humor should count for something!


·         THE  problem with the debates?  Too much time spent on jabberwocky “insurance proposals” gab!  WTF?  Medical industry=piracy!


·         The thing about aging?  One morphs into the Biblical “Job” no matter what?  Oh, help.


·         Nadler’s shrug says it all. What ya gonna do with a juvenile delinquent as president surrrounded by other juvenile delinquents?


·         So Mueller is a real person who accepted a “challenge” and extended advice. A rare breed and one of a kind.


·         Good god, “Molly’s Game” is an odd film.  WTF?  However, I did love the Freud bashing scene!


·         Just figured out which candidate I adore the most…via C-Span in somebody’s back yard!  PRESIDENT CORY BOOKER!


·         “The Loudest Voice in the Room” is exquisite. A must see!  Three cheers for Russell Crowe, master actor!


·         Oh, indeed!  Toxic masculinity does truly actually exist.  And does sadly damage us all!


·         So, am I in remission since I have sworn off the medical profession?  Sure as Hell hope so!  Take your drugs, and stuff ’em?


· COMPUTERS ARE THE DEVIL…AND I WISH I HAD NEVER MET ONE…mind whirring, meaningful communication MIA!

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