happy new year good humans… 2013

happy new year good humans who squawk back! love you all!


hey, sentient beings of this earth…so very many of us love each of you and care about your lives and your well-being and your rights…we are here for you…some of these videos and photographs rip out our hearts daily and nightly…but that means we do have hearts…and our legions are increasing.


enlightenment! may 2013 turn more human hearts your direction…a prayer of mine to be sure. a prayer offered many times every day of my life.

try to picture some “human” about to “euthanize” these dolls, these homeless, these innocent orphans…and then click “share” to help save a life and to stay that needle or that gas chamber or that heart-stick or that gun…”share” daily to help save many lives…to empty the cages in a good way…no more slaughter! thanks! truly, thanks! a super new year’s resolution would be to vow to turn our violent culture around…caring about animal welfare and rights is a start…a definite start…a win/win situation.



anniversary card created by my husband don…



40th birthday image of my son, created by his pal john merle


loving this feedback!

Jc Equality Tilton: “Let’s all hope for the future of earth and all within it, humans will become less selfish this new year and start thinking about others and what they are destroying…… Happy New Year, Susie Sexton, thank you for all you do, may 2013 bring you and your family great things”

Madeleine Fisher Kern: “I’m wit ya, sistuh!”

Drex Morton: “Amen and thanks, Susie!”

Bob Wannberg: “Happy New Year, Susie, thank you for your friendship and thank you for your love and tireless work to save our animal friends everywhere; I can think of no stronger pleasure than holding one of my furry family members and letting them know that they are safe, secure and have so much love; and that beautiful people like you are saving their brothers and sisters every day; peace and love to you always! and to Roy as well, we are indeed blessed to know you both.”

Paul Iwanicki: “Real quick, if it wasn’t for Roy Sexton I would have never found the Irving shelter. Nor would I have Roxie. Thank you and Susie Sexton…she was the one who posted about Roxie. That’s how I found the shelter. She does good work!”


Louise Harrison: “Thanks, Roy and Susie, for all your support of animal rights and thanks, Susie, for your fabulous book ‘Secrets of an Old Typewriter’ – I loved it!”

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