Inherent Vice: dollar signs and control freakism


I need to live in a rainforest if one still exists?

Importing adorable calves to raise for 4-H beef contests is evil stuff!

And INHERENT VICE needs to be seen my lots of people who need to get their fancy-ass toes stepped on really firmly! [More about the film here.]

I was too young to see this film by the director of There Will Be Blood and The Master … but it was a subtle powerhouse! Upon review.

Enough for now. Still thinking about the greedy and the harm that they do no matter who they THINK they are and where they are and how churchy they pretend to be.

The mean people in this world did not lose their minds, as they never possessed intellectual capabilities in the first place. Their brain cells = dollar signs and control freakism oozing outta their empty cerebellums! They can be recognized and identified with their heads still stuck in/up their…navels?


Thanks for these responses!

Annie Gagnon: “You are so right, Susie. Some of the most evil are found in church. I was deathly sick with pneumonia, and my husband called and said he wasn’t coming to church as he had to bring me to the emergency room. The pastor said, ‘She isn’t dead yet; come to church first!’ This is a greedy, evil world we live in. Same pastor – I asked him months before to pray that things would work to quickly get things done on our land we, and he said, ‘I am going to pray you lose everything and move closer to the church where you should be!’ I pray to God, but don’t attend church for this and many other reasons.”

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “Susie, just move to Washington; it is like living in the rain forest or even London. That is why it is called the Evergreen State; it is always green because of all the rain. LOL”

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