but I am happy to help change the picture

enjoy this video … Thank you for making a world of difference for animals in 2014

I’m not in the mood for facebook vanity these days. too much sadness in the world to read about cakes and interior decorating and trips and me, me, me…


oh, how this post from rabbi otis by way of good pal mary maday speaks to me and breaks my heart – “A boy says goodbye to his friend who has just received a death sentence. Force-breeding, buying, selling, and murdering sentient beings – who have a mother and experience emotions of love and fear – is an absolute atrocity.” (click to view photo and read more)

the huge puzzle to so many of us is the breeding and then the fattening up and then the selling for slaughter and the counting of cash…we are mammals, too…what are we thinking…obviously “thinking” and “feeling” not part of the recipe!

have wondered about this all of my life and I am not alone in that as evidenced by the vegan/vegetarian movement…the human species should stop the horror of mass slaughter now. hard to watch–the picture says it all…stop eating other mammals and stop programming into children the obliviousness to murder and the yearning for cash with no regard for the second by second daily and nightly suffering of innocent beings.

I am so sincere about this that I can barely function anymore…seeing the big picture is haunting but necessary…we do not start living until we empathize and try to redirect the human mind to do what is correct. I’ll never give up…but I am exhausted.

but I am happy to help change the picture…makes a life have purpose…this is the hugest issue ever in this world. the achievement of animal welfare and rights will assure a peaceable kingdom. absolutely.

thanks for this feedback!

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “Thank you, Susie, for not giving up though the pain and daily effort of trying to get humans to do the right thing is mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting. I’m with you in spirit all the way and I thank you and your son Roy for all you do to get the message of compassion for ALL beings on the planet out to be heard! Happy Holidays! Love you guys!!”

Mary Maday: “I hope everyone on my FB list reads what you wrote! KD and her husband are Vegans. I think there are only three of us in Wheatland who do not eat meat. Could be more, but I doubt it.”

Janine Owen: “When I see this, it makes me cry.”

Anthea Larke: “So sad, I know men that went through this with 4H and they are scarred. Their community and family work at breaking their souls. This is necessary to go forward in their business of animal exploitation.”

Laurice Bray: “Thank you, Susie and Roy. This photo of the boy and his cow speaks volumes, and Humane Education for children is one of our best hopes for a better world. I don’t know how much adults will change, but if we can reach children, the planet might just have a chance.”

Susan McCauley: “heartbreaking image of one of the saddest cruelties practiced by humans”

Kayle Davis: “Hi Susie! I loved your article! Thank you for all you do!”

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