If there must constantly be LABELS?

[Rumpydog is an inspiration. Read the latest piece which prompted the following comment by yours truly…]

Thanks for this statement, so perfectly expressed. My husband is the cat lover; I am only a close second. Not sure he wants other males to know that he is – he is not all the way trained! Ha!

I am so cattish now that I cannot live without my “kids,” and I realize how special all cats are and can be with a bit of attention from somebody somewhere. Rumpydog’s cautionary words are important, so I am sharing!

Want a cooperative house guest for 10 to 20 years? Adopt a kitty. They receive the wrong press. They are as capable of fidelity and respect extended to the human animal as dogs are. It becomes a circle of precious love.

“Mammals can peacefully co-exist,” can tolerate birds and insects and reptiles and amphibians, and can simply observe such from afar via a sunny window. Problem solved!

ALL life matters. Swaggering males are, however, an abomination and must adjust. My only prayer. And “crazy cat ladies” are angels in disguise … a much more accurate LABEL if there must constantly be LABELS?

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