I have the heart of a lion … when I am not too nervous to live?

I am an insomniac like the Donald! YET, I go into a coma-zombie-like sleep like Hillary. Thus, I relate to both of those Baby Boomers, and they both take the cake.

They would be an excellent combo, if they were not involved in warring. I could see them as prez and veep. The Donald makes me giggle every day. If people can idolize other snotty, smart aleck Baby Boomer men (who shall remain unnamed), why not the Donald? Except with a gentle heart buried in his barrel like chest. I just know that!

BUT Hillary is way calmer because of her idiotic but brilliant Baby Boomer hubby dubby, and ‘Boomer boys are almost unmarryable. Ask me; I know whereof I speak. Thus, my sleep pattern has emerged, so that I can maintain what sanity I may possess.

I am so lost that I think the rest of the world is crazy, and I am just fine. Thank God for that deception…keeps me percolating.

I actually put this in print? Because I have the heart of a lion … when I am not too nervous to live?


As to stomaching Boomer males, I almost have that conquered; that is the basis for the alternative right by the way. I cannot believe the white male entitlement (notice TIT in the middle of that word and ain’t that interesting?) argument: as in “ADORE ME BECAUSE I AM SHALLOW AND UNDEPENDABLE AND WOULD CRUSH YOUR SPIRIT IN ONE SECOND”. So what else is new?

Trump is not any more mentally ill than an entire generation of spoiled brat men who have often even gotten away with murder in our patriarchal, faux penis envy (I detest Freud for that one) “society”. I believe in evolution and that one day gender will be an obsolete word. REAL persons do not envy anything.

Peace…personhood…reverence for all species of which we are only one: Hillary brings us one step closer. Even if I didn’t love her, I would like her. Her courage impresses me. I would be crying every second if I were in her shoes. Hoo-ray for Hillary, an opportunity for change of the first order.


Thanks for this feedback!

Drex Morton: “Both hilarious and and deeply perceptive in the same breath, Susie achieves a creative balance… As a Boomer man, I love to read, and I resonate with Susie Sexton and her ruminations…”

Drex! Here is the greatest compliment I could ever offer! I DID NOT KNOW THAT YOU MIGHT BE A BOOMER. You never behave like one of those monsters. Not ever!

Thanks also to Kat, Kim, Beth, Joyce!

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “I love the article and I wrote more in the comments [below]. I always like Susie’s stuff she has knowledge that is so cool to know…like with Dr. Seuss…Susie is a book of knowledge.”

Joyce Sciumbato: “I must meet Susie!”

Beth Kennedy: “You always keep me awake just laughing!”

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “I believe you are correct in that the rest of the world IS crazy! No doubt contributing to our shared insomnia, what with the lack of marriageable Boomer men! LOL!”

These comments prove that in my supposed loneliness and unwilling isolation, I do indeed have allies? I AM MOVED BY THAT SUPPORT…BEYOND WORDS! Thanks so very much!!!

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