From ants to rhinoceroses

I am not into genealogy…tired of living in the past! Living in the present with an eye toward the future is the best kind of New Year’s resolution…so I resolve to do so! Wish me luck!

We can only make this world a better place by starting now…no regrets, just plenty of activism directed toward love and understanding of every species on the planet…in real time…each second of every day!

Happy New Year….may we all begin to appreciate one another and all of those other living beings surrounding us from ants to rhinoceroses!

In summary? Insistence upon animal rights and welfare always across the spectrum, no more guns starting now and until forever, a cessation of pretentious use of religious mythologies and sanctimoniousness to scold or to self-aggrandize, and the election of Hillary Clinton as president round out my wish list for this new year. Like it or lump it…

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