And this is just one small town.

I highly recommend you read this important article – I’ve been saying this for quite a while now …

How China purchased a prime cut of America’s pork industry

Indiana scrambling like the devil to become the pork king of the United States through such transactions – just what I feared is going to come to pass…arghhh. As of the moment, the Hoosier state is number 5, and one such operation up the road from our house. People getting rich through slaughter and greed…breeding to kill…like mad.

I am just waiting to get assassinated for telling it like it is. Fine and dandy with me.

We are doomed. Difficult to watch the news these days. The earth has gone all screwy; for example, the tiny town of Albion exports piglet pancreases and live pigs to China steadily. China does not want the polluted lagoons…yet this lucrative Albion operation is 20 miles from our house? High school programs every year in the gym about its wonderfulness. And 4-H marches on, and certain churches here retain their monopoly over the praying hearts and minds of the lemming-like populace.

And this is just one small town. Multiply it…multiply the faux Christian greed. Daily agri-ganda, believe in a big god in the sky bunch of claptrap, and couples having one baby after the other. We are so “blessed” (screaming now).

I am so behind keeping up with whatever was my life before 11 years ago when I began to care about the important issues of life. Back then, I became (and remain) so disillusioned with human interactions that I finally moved my mind to care about the disenfranchised more than ever…and I have never been the same.


I HOPE I figure out HOW to figure out where I was before my activist marathon activities took over my existence…where was I before I got hooked on the possibility of a peaceable kingdom. I see those folk art “peaceable kingdom” images in my mind’s eye all the time. Time to clean out closets, file paperwork, and chill. IF I don’t, I’ll lose what is left of my once organized mind! Ha!

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