Have a great Tuesday. Gotta start somewhere!

This world is giving some of us heart attacks for sure! Why? Because some of us have hearts most probably. And wow, this lack of communication and aloofness and failure to connect really can damage beating hearts.

Let me take a moment to address Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh and his accuser … Hot damn! Sharing such information, no matter how far in the past, is not such a bad idea.

I could share some sh!t myself: as far as getting pulled down upon the floor while leaving a dumb college party in an off-campus apartment, believe it or not! The nerve! What the _____ is wrong with people? I was advised that I should be “flattered” as I brushed myself off and checked to see if my easily wrenched knee-caps were still in their sockets. Way too many of the “Joe Colleges” subscribed to Hugh Hefner’s crap … but only for the “articles”? Ugh!

Enough already. Reach out, care, listen, be understanding, Never avoid compassion. Look around. People – and animals and the environment – are hurting, no doubt about it!

The words, the caring, the impact of nurturing others, human or otherwise – feelings matter…and humans with hearts matter so much in this rather detached world of ours.

( Note: cats, for instance, are mysterious souls. They can bounce back and prevail. To be envied actually!!!! What we can learn from the animals! amazing! =^..^= )

Just a bit weary of being put on hold and following ‘prompts’ to…nowhere at all – maybe tomorrow will bring improvements though. Tired of waiting, to tell the truth!

Can I hear/read some A-MENS? Have a great Tuesday. Gotta start somewhere!

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