Doris Day: talent, cuteness, and teaching the world to respect all animals

I have adored Doris Day since I got old enough to listen to singing perfection itself via whirling breakable 78 RPM discs on our record player in the corner of our living room and attend every one of her MGM musicals reel-to-reel in the movie theatre on the corner of Van Buren and Main Streets in a tiny town in the rather boring Midwest! THANK GOD for Doris Day!

Thank you, Ms. Day, for your talent, cuteness, and for teaching the world to respect all animals. So glad so many of us have done our best most of our lives to care and to nurture those among us who would have had no one and no protection and nobody with a big heart and sort of a wallet to pay for shots and food. Very much worth it until profit-making damaged efforts and killed the spirit.

But never give up. Join up with the rescue effort mentality. It is fun, sometimes heartbreaking, but so vital. It will be worth the time spent! Let’s honor Doris Day’s legacy and do our part for our animal friends.

“Be kind to animals … or I’ll kill you.” – Doris Day

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