what’s looming?

what’s looming? local tax-payers forking over 25 grand for a study to be matched with a la la land grant to perform some EXTENSIVE highway and entrance work for parkview hospital to be built where paul zumbrun used to live?  geesh, as soon as the sextons come up with that same amount out of our meager household budget to pay for medical expenses garnered throughout the past two weeks, maybe the system can just hand that exact amount to the engineers?  almost attended the council meeting tonight as an interested, currently disappointed and amazed, citizen, trailing my councilman don down the street?  though the secret (?) business matters (not handled by smaller mayoral appointed committees) planned for each session is/are delivered, via old brown rubber-banded packets, by otto that wonderful, personable meter-man, no fleshed-out info concerning this hot topic for the night was included…but plenty of well-dressed movers and shakers showed up and made their presentations….should we citizens PAY this amount or should the hospital system…is this or is this not a no-brainer?  wish i had been there, armed with my current letter-to-the-editor.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH–decision to be made in two weeks on a tuesday…be there…i shall.  date would be tuesday, sept. 23rd at 7 p.m. …but get there early to mingle or glare or cry or something!

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