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Darling two-term Governor Jennifer Granholm, an exceptional Michigander who has surmounted several notable hurdles, introduced former presidential candidate Al Gore who then endorsed Sen. Barack Obama at the massively attended Detroit Rally on a recent mid-June evening.  Why might this heavily credentialed Harvard graduate, Granholm, seem to have pantomimed her remarks before the eager throngs as the ever-chattering pundits gabbed over her strategically muffled presentation?  Does the answer lie in the ceaseless, ever-present voice-over commentary which successfully drowns out the feminine voice?

Obama’s “media mafia” caused the removal of that gubernatorial, fashionable pump to lose its impact; after the fact, the at-home viewing audience learned that this Maxwell Smart gesture was creatively improvised to hush the booing, throughout the Joe Louis Arena, which swelled in response to Granholm’s gracious acknowledgement of Hillary’s valiant, nearly victorious campaign for the Democratic nomination. 

Have those who call themselves Democrats lost their collective marbles?  Wondering now if Obama’s handlers will discourage the rumored possibility of Granholm’s appointment as United States Attorney General in synchronization with the suggestion that he deliver another of his ground-breaking explanatory speeches disavowing his currently beleaguered, yet uniquely qualified, wife Michelle.  This championship-season post-modern candidate requires no impassioned pastor, no enlightening town-hall debates, no free-thinking spouse, no Muslim ladies wearing hijabs (traditional head scarves) in attendance at rallies, and certainly no veep named Hillary who might upstage him even as she assures his election.  “Stop the World; I Wanna Get Off!”

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