“Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre but they are more deadly in the long run.” (–Mark Twain)


 “Parenting” qualifies as a word to dislike–

Artificial, “all aboard”, domineering clap-trap!

Accidental, “out-of-the-nowhere” little tike?

Aye!  Free entrance “into-here” toward growth with no map.

Momentary Links–Between Generations

 “…Record that (we) are born.”

You be you–I’ll be me.

Birthrights of joy, not scorn,

We both arrived to “BE”.

“Send 3-5 poems.”   Three’s Enough

 Any and all submissions accepted.  Do follow these rules:

Stay within lines, double-space, capitalize, file into schools.

Categories, uniforms, pushing’s allowed onto “stages”.

Stop. Do not submit. Allow Life to fill up each book’s pages.

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