The Demise of Huntley, Brinkley, Cronkite and Sevareid

We democrats wish to halt the Iraqi skirmish, reverse No Child Left Behind, stabilize the price of oil, address the war on the middle class, advance stem-cell research as well as rejuvenate scientific break-throughs, acknowledge the threat of global-warming, deal fairly with the immigration issue, solve the mortgage crisis, tax-trounce those  privileged 1% of the richie riches, create jobs in the greening of America movement while curbing out-sourcing, as well as universally medically insure every man, woman, and child.  That’s all we ask!

Why oh why then must we watch Senator Barack Obama prance down an aisle lined with rows upon rows of pom-pom waving, scantily-clad, legitimate, eagerly gleeful cheer-leaders, prior to eventually sprinting further along the track toward beaming host Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s College Tour production for an engaging one-on-one interview campaigning for the position of…prom king?

Meanwhile, on the Fox Network, the latest poll airs, hovering on television screens across this great country of ours, revealing the results of Senator Hillary Clinton’s phoniness profile?  Every misogynist’s dream come true!  Gimme an M, gimme an I-S-O-G-Y-N-Y!  HISS, BOOM, BAH!

All of this just as we finally almost believed there might be “life after high school”!

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