Susie, In a Sense…a Broad! 

As I consider myself nothing nor nobody more than Peter Sellers in Being There or at my liveliest as Inspector Clousseau, it is difficult to make “Susie” sound interesting?  I am proudest of being the Mother of Roy, whom I consider the person I would most wish to be.  I grew up in a very small town, and after having ventured briefly out and away, returned to my roots, be that what it may, and I shall discuss that aspect of my life some other day?  I love to rhyme, and I always have time…for stray animals and causes which involve “innocents” being victimized by our self-centered society.   

I graduated third in my high school class and happily moved onto college days where some diversity and free-thinking happened at last.  I graduated 12th in that university class and won the first ever JOHN R. EMENS award for THE most outstanding senior.  Then, I taught for a few years, until Roy was born.  I have served as a publicist, a health lecturer and a Sunday School coordinator, and now I am an unpaid columnist sharing nostalgic trips to the past as I have achieved such an old age that no one remains who can question the authenticity of definitive, distinct memories of places, people and events which were very much never what they were ever cracked up to be.   

Fortunately or unfortunately, I seem to have been, always and in all ways, inhabiting the observation position rather than leading the way, so I am making up for lost time by recording my thoughts such as they are and once were.  Recently having engaged in the wifely capacity of cheering on a male for a mayoral contest, I may finally develop my very first ulcer.  I had to hush all my independent thinking and gaze lovingly into space while the world of human nature spun eerily and manically all about myself!   

As you can tell, fitting my persona (–ae) into pigeonholes is impossible for me ever to accomplish. Thus, I present to you my biography (RESUME ME ;D ) which has always centered on family…and, by association, watching everybody else wave good-bye to me as those members fly off … to proms, vacations, reproducing themselves right and left, marriages, and the occasional puzzling affiliation.   

My favorite play would, of course, be Carson McCullers’ Member of the Wedding (from her novel of the same title) as I have searched for the “We of Me” since toddler days and always come up wanting.  In my next life, I shall finally have figured out how to make this world a better place full of tolerance and inclusiveness and understanding for all forms of life—the only prayer I ever pray.

 Love you for considering my thoughts important…Susie, In a Sense…a Broad!  ;D

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