What have I read via local news sources this past week?  “Harvesting” deer even though those animals may harbor “bovine tuberculosis”?  “Locally grown meat” is best?  (I kid you not.)  Legislating “social” issues? “Wars” have assured us our freedoms? Mistrust and fear and contentiousness should rule our foreign policies?  Program our children to become suspicious, judgmental, and damagingly isolationist?

I beg your pardon.

Yes, I voted the Democratic ticket for the most part on November 2nd. And, yes, I do admire Hoosier Governor Mitch Daniels (R) whose primary interest focuses on increased employment opportunities, infrastructure improvements, and environmental priorities. 

And, yes, I am a registered Democrat. So far, I am flexible and free to believe in what is proper and correct and sensible and kind-hearted and support those who believe that those principles still exist within the realm of possibilities. So far.

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