Previously Sabotaged Alert

Opinion page debates rage on, blaring out one side or the other.  New school building?   Same old school-house?  Alternative energy resources versus fossil fuels.  Barack or “Mac”?  Usually somebody somewhere registers offense, or, at the very least, complains of trampled toes.

Recently, an analytical letter of generalized opining got lost in the (e-)mail or in the translation or deep down inside a newspaper publisher’s waste-basket.  This piece (of mind) dealt with the resultant shoddy performance of land-line telephones following any short-lived electrical outage-“blip” and theorized that costly “package plans” offered by our walkie-talkie corporate conglomerate of phone companies may indeed be the culprits setting off a domino effect and knocking out or de-programming “service”,  though temporarily yet highly annoyingly.

Me?  Simply, maybe controversially, sharing the wealth of information gained from typing into the search engine bar, “What the heck happens to CALLER ID and similar phone company features when the LIGHTS GO OUT IN GE ORG IA, i.e. electrical power poofs away and surges back again?”  One strong recommendation from cyber-engineer types?  Remove any and all cell phone equipment from the vicinity of the land-line phone, as a mystical polarization becomes an other-worldly, spooky prime mover, causing the temperamental land-line cleverly-marketed “incentive package” to trigger “ker-flooey-ness”.  Cell phones and land-line phones must never co-habit the same vicinity.

Wonder of wonders.  Items of interest float about every day.  For instance, have you heard that Moses “broke” his own TEN COMMANDMENTS (tablets).  Maybe you puzzle over whether passengers on the Ark might have ever enjoyed bridge or canasta when Noah constantly stood on the deck?  Feeling a bit like a non-profit prophet myself.  The news-world now a-buzz with warnings:  “DO NOT EVER place a cell-phone on your night-stand too near your sleeping head, as ionized micro-wave energy may likely enter your snoozing ear canal and devour your brain.”  MY earlier similar deductions, having gotten squelched by the press, no longer characterized as “Chicken Little reports the sky as falling”, I feel, somewhat remorsefully, redeemed.  On the Record, so to speak.

However, “unavailable” Verizon, Nokia, Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile, Cricket, Motorola-nextel/wirefly,  and Jitterbug all “refuse to comment”….as Arte Johnson once concluded, “Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interrrrrrrresting!”

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