Man-made religions may topple us yet

Recently, a few cynics asked why rational-thinking Muslims do not condemn militant Muslims. Answer? Perhaps for the exact same reason that “true-thinking” humanists who once practiced Christianity and sincerely believed in messages of tolerance, unconditional love and understanding have become nearly altogether silenced by “group-think” church devotees who practice exclusion, judgmental behavior and thuggish arrogance toward those among them who question current mindless, frightening, simplistic zealotry.

This continuation of blind faith and pompous posturing seems so far removed from the original tenets of the Christian, or Christ-like, movement that a whole host of us fail to recognize that very religion which once held us enthralled. Anybody listening? Probably not. Man-fabricated religions may topple mankind — once again. What a damaging cyclical pattern we have established. Shame on all of us everywhere. Disillusionment grows exponentially moment by moment.

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