Have we evolved not a whit?

While spring cleaning as well as monitoring this wacky presidential campaign, that proverbial “truth is stranger than fiction” adage surfaces in my thought processes. 

It has been disconcerting enduring the narrow-mindedness and mean-spiritedness of other extreme camps of thought for seven years now.  Actually, religiosity has no place in politics outside of swearing in via the right hand upon the Bible with the promise to “preserve, protect and defend” the constitution.  Hillary has walked a reasonable middle ground on the issue..quite simply a solid Methodist who attended Sunday school regularly.  If Obama doesn’t rise above Dr. Jeremiah Wright’s hysterical dogma with some explanation that the good reverend’s rantings inspired Barack to unify all elements of the entire human race into peaceful harmony only after listening to fire and brimstone stuff for nearly twenty years, the candidate’s in trouble.

Seems Geraldine Ferraro, inadvertently, earlier told us what Hillary REALLY thinks yet dares not voice; similarly, maybe Rev. Jeremiah informed voters of the true Barack philosophy? Perhaps, Obama’s a bit too much “hippified-flower-child-once-removed”, while Hillary appears grounded in moderation.

Interestingly, feminist Gloria Steinem questioned John McCain’s qualifications to ascend to presidential power, shortly before news coverage surfaced of  that silver-haired maverick’s endorsements emanating from some dark-hearted religious leaders.  McCain’s official bio remains stunningly questionable and irreligious, even prior to recent New York Times revelations, yet support from the devout boosts his candidacy?  Hypocrisy reigns.

Isn’t this the year 2008, surely long removed from the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Trials at Salem?  Have we evolved not a whit?

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