How do I love him?

Let me count the ways:

Sparkling eyes—not dim,

Piercing as they gaze.

Strong chin, classic nose,

Svelte frame, graceful stride!

I admire the pose

Which can barely hide

Jabs at nasty foes—

Conservative pricks

Marching us to Hell

Who deserve brave kicks

Or a “punny” yell!

Brave super-hero

Battling grizzly bears!

Never some Nero

Fiddling!  Stephen cares!

We do laugh, yet learn—

From a master clown—

We ain’t gonna burn

When the chips are down!

Colbert’s nightly gift

Of mirth and word-play

Provides such a lift

To our…”U.S.A.”!!!!!!!!

If I had my way…

(Taurus to Taurus ;D)

On my knees, I’d pray

(With fans in chorus)

“Dear Jesus, hear me:

  THIS genius deserves

  His own damn Emmy

  For pitching grand curves!!!!”

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