Diminishing Fervor

Jesus of Nazareth –one of the original free thinkers.  People, particularly Americans, seem to have forgotten that important fact.  Christ, the rebel and iconoclast, questioned authority and practiced inclusion of all while embracing those most marginalized.

Christianity’s currently documented loss of momentum, as well as dwindling church membership, potentially may reverse if historical, geographical, literary, governmental, economic, cultural, psychological, societal, real world connections would be established.  Questions ought to be welcomed, discussions encouraged, and the supernatural minimized.  

Presently, church dogma suffers from shallowness and a sense of false superiority–very sad and too wasteful of the energy necessary for sincere thought and analysis.  

Many of us sorely miss the religious life for which we once may have held an honest enthusiasm and reverence.  We seek to explore the limitless possibilities for meaningful conversation and dialogue regarding mankind’s need for structure and boundaries…but, most vitally, the human desire for independent thinking, which is neither a threat nor a crime.  Then, church attendance would seem comforting, stimulating, and plausible.

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