Dear Congressperson

I oppose H.R. 4089: Sportsmen’s Heritage Act of 2012 because…hunting is unquestionably profit-making violence…over-reproduction of wild-life (not to mention farm “life”) is promoted by DNR agencies to keep the money flowing…400 million bucks (pardon the pun) generated annually in our state and 2300 jobs for relatives…all due to “hunting” which is rationalized every which way but loose…it is diabolic…end it ..yesterday! Even devices for the handi-capped (why DO they of all people wish to harm any other living being?) are being heavily promoted and SOLD…the publicity spin on these murders is unreal and manipulative. Recently, newspapers publicize children as young as 8…female, mind you, murdering twin yearlings with one shot? Enough already! Not to mention, rumblings of year-round deer-hunting are afoot…and already innocent by-standers as well as hunters themselves have either been killed or wounded in our state. Thus, the rationalizations about wild-life endangering us is nonsense…the hunting mentality is the clear and present danger to all who live.

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