An indecent proposal?

How about picking and choosing during this confusingly kaleidoscopic grab-bag election?

The following winning quartet would resurrect our country: Mac as the father-figure president married to independent-minded First Lady Michelle Obama, both relying upon Senator Hillary Clinton serving as veep, and all three buoyed up by the presence of perky Governor Sarah Palin dubbed resident court jester.

Alaskan moose, caribou, reindeer and wolves would be allowed to live another day every day for an additional four years in their right-to-life environment up North. Our economy, as we all copy Ms. Obama’s Jackie-esque ward-robe while devouring magazines’ coverage of her every move, might rebound.  While the  “maverick” snoozes snugly inside his White House corral, that Clinton lady who “placed 18 million cracks into the glass ceiling” could percolate as effortlessly as a breath of fresh air and save our collective fannies.

Barrack Obama?  He gracefully returns to his proper place within the pages of a Dover Publishing Company paper doll book from which he emerged one fine day.  Joe Biden should continue to purchase train tickets.

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