Knee-jerk loyalty to either political party lurks far behind me now.  Seriously considering the possibility of returning to that sensible life-style of the Native American Indian pre-dating this continent’s getting messed up beyond redemption–stolen from those who subsisted/coexisted peaceably compatible with the planet.  “Simplicity is an acquired taste,” wrote author Katharine Fullerton Gerould.  “Mankind, left free, instinctively complicates life.”

Reading MOTHER JONES recently, true lunacy greeted my eyes via an announcement that a “Resisting the Green Dragon” movement has been dredged up and invented outta whole cloth — suggesting that evangelicals do battle against environmental awareness as well as the welfare of the animal kingdom…just because it’s the “political and corporate greed” kinda way to be programmed to “think”?

Never listening to hate-talk-radio, sometimes we regular folks become all clueless…then, even in small-town America, some shallowly misinformed believers of propaganda pick up this damaging nonsense, and so goes the way of the world.

This is war…war in America.  Silly so far.  Locate Ernie Kovacs, Alan Arkin, Sid Caesar, and Jonathan Winters to star in a satirical film where they flail their arms about while squealing, “The sky is falling! The Russians are coming!  Everyone is a ‘Pinko’ nut!”  Hey, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!”

As about half of our voting population pulls this “Green Dragon” movement ever closer to its huge collective chest while prodded by corporate America to buy into the fallacy that evangelicals will be embracing anti-Christian environmental views if nature is appreciated, ALL OF US AND EVERYTHING COULD BE DOOMED. Yes, trees, plants, stray dogs and cats, sky-rocketing volumes of cattle and pigs tooling down the highway to slaughterhouses, human rights to live as we choose, natural terrains, smokers of any substances whatsoever (toxic ingestion of cadavers of stressed and diseased fellow mammals still allowed and encouraged as is all the legalized purchasing of booze one desires on the Sabbath).

Perhaps, civil discourse or responsible radio talk show gabbing might advocate for a more all-encompassing movement dubbed “Resisting Total Group-Think-Insanity” whereby we might finally acknowledge that those Indians may have been devoted caretakers of a healthier America once upon a time.  “God Bless the U.S.A” accompanied by tribal drumbeats would translate into “God Bless Our Natural World – We’re Sorry” when undeniable Global Warming/Climate Change warnings all “boil” down to reality.  The sooner we realize our misguided idiocy the better.

Not wishing to become a hand-maiden to corporate greed’s manipulation but rather hoping to preserve and conserve the wonders of our natural world, I suggest we recapture the pride which Native Americans demonstrated that they once felt for this land.  I plan to research and rediscover the beauty of that NEW WORLD mentality as I transform into a Vegan-Indian combo respecting all life.  I shall pick up my necessary “protein” from berries and nuts.  No problem there.  Nuts seem bountiful these days. 

 If we truly love our country (and respect those generations to follow), we must cease destroying its rich heritage as well as its limitless fantastic possibilities through our stubborn continuation of ridiculous, dangerous, divisive rancor.  “What we have here”, in this glorious “natural order of things”, is, as poet Emily Elizabeth Dickinson advised: “…all we know of heaven…”  foolishly threatened by relentless, incessant bickering which is …”all we need of hell.”

4 responses to “ALL WE KNOW OF HEAVEN….”

  1. Okay, but beware halo-effecting the “Noble Savage” onto the indigenous peoples because you’ll find given half the chance, when oil is on Tribal land, they TOO want to drill it and sell it like any other man. Alaska for example is one such place. Indigenous peoples aren’t vegan culturally either, but I would say to pay attention to the wild salmon. They are probably disappearing due to climate change now more than any other factor. This effects those who identify with this totem greatly. Not just economically but spiritually.

    I think with your article you are caring about the environment. That’s good. But some dialogue is in order. We don’t get to choose to become Indians. And there’s no such thing as a vegan. Life eats life. You can minimize the impact, lower your footprint, but you can’t be here without feeding on the earth.

    I think what you are writing wants balance, but some dialogue was indeed in order.

    Peace. and best of luck.


    • Such helpful insight. And this is actually something my mom wrote 10 years ago or so. She passed away last August, and I’m going through and finding all her writings so they are all in one place. Thank you for this additional insight.


      • Awww man, sorry to hear about your mom passing. That’s pretty cool you are posting her work in memory and honor of her. Thanks for sharing her words/work and allowing me to comment and for replying too!

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