“C’mon, Mom! Join me as we explore 21st century.”
I jumped on that horse to become trendy and adventure-y.
Still own no ice-maker, never travel, and drive an old car,
But e-mail, texting, face-booking hitch my wagon to a star.

Friends at home and abroad and alternative life-styles fill days.
Cultures outside our own glitter and differ and show new ways
To love, to dance, to sing and open one’s heart to fresh joys–
To network, to learn, to converse, to empathize, to REJOICE!

Cave etchings, hieroglyphics, story-telling, printing presses–
“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,” poet confesses.Let’s correspond, share shelter dog postings, discuss poetry–
Feel at one with the entire world as we strike each plastic key.

Global awareness trumps small-mindedness, of this I am sure.
Whatever might ail you, “just say No” to drugs which never cure.
Cynicism suffocates those in ascendant age brackets.
We find comfort stubbornly stuck, wearing tired old jackets.

Thanks to those youthful souls among us, “a thing called hope” shines forth,
Encouraging all to live in the moment–East, West, South, North.
Acceptance, understanding, tolerance. Yes. Diversity.
Techno-advancement? Welcome! Communication’s HEAVEN-ly!

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