(Impressions of the Season)

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to … let it rain.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Never forget that old adage — April showers bring May flowers!)

Spring & Wing

Ages & Stages

Trampolines & Magazines

Nestlings cuddle & Raindrops  puddle

Bicycles whizzing & Lemonade fizzing

(Limericks?  Sonnets?  Sweet Easter bonnets!)

Lame paperback novels & Sod-transferring shovels

Whirligigs swirl, twist and spin & Brazen dandelions win

(Tulips, jonquils, daffodils!  Frolic! Giggle! Roll down hills!)

Uncoiled green hoses fill bird baths & Benches appear on pebbled paths

“God’s in his heaven…” This world’s all right! (PIPPA PASSES–a Robert Browning poem from childhood days) “Mud-luscious (and puddle) wonderful…” — grand sound-bite! (Thank you, e.e. cummings!)

Leashed pooches, cats poised on window ledges & Joggers huff, puff. Finches flit through hedges.

Officious ants line up — for picnic hustling.  Honking horns target entitled geese bustling!

One dozen syllables reawaken the soul!  Conscious Trapezoidal Haiku Riff/Rap — my goal!  ~Susie Alexander Hamilton (with welcome assistance from beneficial though mercurial Mother Nature, mood-swinger in residence)

(POSTSCRIPT in Prose:  Just a thought — Wondering if Abe Lincoln might have penned his Gettysburg Address on post-it notes— rather than the backs of envelopes–had such office supplies been available in the mid-1800s?)

“WHAT IS A SOUL?  It’s like electricity — we don’t really know what it is, but it’s a force that can light a room.” ~ Ray Charles   

“It Could Be Verse” (an inspired title of a book of humorous poetry) ~ Victor Buono

 (NOTE: One of the photos in the illustrative collage is of me and Bobby Morsches … tiny greeters for May 1952 junior/senior prom. Taken by local photographer Carter O. Diffendarfer … a very popular local fellow … that name straight out of a Dickens novel!)

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